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What's the difference between ettitude bamboo bed sheets and other brands?

Our bamboo sheets are made of the world’s first CleanBamboo™, one of the most sustainable and innovative textile materials of the 21st century. Other bamboo beddings are made from either 100% bamboo viscose (also known as bamboo rayon), or 100% bambo

What's the difference between your Sateen, Sateen+ and Twill products?

Sateen is our signature fabric. Made with CleanBamboo™ from 100% sustainably sourced bamboo —the most resource-efficient plant on the planet—our material is cloud-soft, cooling, and sustainable. Our Sateen+ products have the same look and feel as our

Are your products free from toxins and harmful chemicals?

Our products are made from certified organic bamboo that is grown and produced without harmful chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides. Our bedding, sleepwear and bath lines have been certified according to. STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® SH065 176027 TESTEX

Are your products suitable for people with long-term sickness, skin problems, and infants?

Our CleanBamboo fabric is hypoallergenic, breathable and free from harmful chemicals. Our products are suitable for every skin type, including sensitive acne-prone skin, eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. Infused with naturally antimicrobial bamboo ch

What dye do you use?

We use non-toxic, eco-friendly AVITERA® SE reactive dyes which are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified. These dyes reduce water and energy consumption by up to 50%, salt consumption by 20% and overall cycle time by 25%. Furthermore, the dyes comply with

I’ve noticed some color variation. Why?

Our fabrics are made in small dye lots, meaning that unique batches sometimes have a slight color tone variation. It is very difficult to ensure unique batches are 100% the same in color without using the harshest of chemicals, so we’ve prioritized o

Do bamboo sheets shrink?

Our CleanBamboo sheets are pre-washed and pre-shrunk. We have also included a small margin on the bedding size for unforeseen shrinkage. That said, we do not recommend drying your CleanBamboo sheets using high heat. Learn more about laundry care for

Do your sheets have a thread count?

Our CleanBamboo sheets have a thread count of 300, which is equivalent to 1,000 thread count in cotton. While we’re proud of that, we also know that based on recent innovations, thread count is no longer the most important factor when deciding on she

How do I care for my bamboo bedding?

Our CleanBamboo products come with care labels that detail washing instructions. We recommend cold machine wash with like fabrics on gentle or delicate setting, line dry or tumble dry low. And please, no bleach or fabric softener—it doesn’t get softe

What is the difference between your Bamboo and Down Alternative Quilt?

Fluffier filling: Down Alternative Quilt is made with Recycled PET and CleanBamboo filling which makes it more plush and full. Our Bamboo Quilt is made only from CleanBamboo and sits flatter on your mattress. Ideal for all climates: Down Alternative

Now that I’ve bought ettitude sheets, what can I do with my old sheets?

Done with your old sheets? We’ll take them and retire them properly because we’re committed to sending zero textile waste to landfills. Recycle your old/unwanted bedding, towels, and clothing through our textile recycling program, Loop. As a thank yo

Are ettitude’s products ethically made?

Yes! We are very proud of our fully traceable and ethical supply chain. That is why ettitude received a high score of 102 by BCorp. A thoughtful supply chain starts at the source. Most things made in China are not indigenous to China, but bamboo is.

How is ettitude making an impact?

ettitude is committed to a number of initiatives and partnerships that help to uphold the company’s values and beliefs in a fairer, better and more ethical way of business. These include:. To learn more about our commitment to improving people & plan